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  • Can you provide information about the variety of packaging machines offered by Asa Or Technologies?
    Asa Or Technologies provides a diverse range of durable and easily maintainable packaging machines suitable for efficiently packaging both hard and soft fruits, vegetables, and various products from the food and other industries. Available in vertical or horizontal configurations, these machines can be seamlessly integrated with different weighing machines. The packaging options include mesh bags, plastic bags, boxes, and cartons, with an automatic and adaptable filling and closing process. Customization options, such as adding printers for stickers, stamps, and special closures, are available. Asa Or Technologies caters to a wide range of industries, offering advanced packaging solutions for both small packaging houses and large factories, backed by professional customer service and technical support.
  • What about solutions for packaging soft fruits and vegetables?
    Asa Or Technologies offers specialized packaging machines meticulously crafted to uphold the integrity and quality of soft fruits and vegetables, ensuring they depart the packing house in optimal condition. These automated packing machines feature a pneumatic lifting mechanism, ideal for packaging delicate produce like apples, tomatoes, mushrooms, and other sensitive items prone to damage during packing. With a focus on fast and gentle filling, these packaging machines aim to minimize any potential harm to the produce. Additionally, we provide professional customer service and technical support to assist in the seamless operation of these machines.
  • What solutions does Asa-Or Technologies offer for packaging products that need special treatment?
    Asa Or Technologies provides automated packaging machines designed for injecting gases used in modified atmosphere packaging and food preservation. These machines can also introduce gases to prevent fogging inside the bag during the packaging process. Additionally, the company offers vacuum machines for packaging products. By opting for these solutions, you can ensure top-notch packaging that enhances freshness and prolongs shelf life. When you choose Asa Or Technologies as your supplier, you gain access to a supportive team ready to assist you in selecting the most fitting solution. They will also be available to set up, install the machine, and provide guidance on its operation as needed.

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