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Introductions and information 

Asa Or makes sure to implement the policy of the founders Assaf Sadots and Lior Yiskil, according to which everything is clear, known and explained to the customer before we place an order. What can not be carried out to the best of our professional judgment - we will not order at all. We believe that this very concept is what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. Alongside this, we undertake to give our customers a courteous and professional service and offer technical support for the operation of the machines.

Still, something in the operation remains unclear? do not worry !

We are available and happy to be there for you until you are satisfied.

We are here to help you get the maximum return for your investment.

We value close support for every project and every customer.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it time to upgrade the production process?

Check with us how you can do it starting today!

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Lior Yaskil

  • Lior Yaskil

Associate CEO

Lior has been involved in the  packaging, weighing, and palletizing industry for over 20 years. He initially worked  as a service technician and later  became a regional manager and national service manager. Later in his  career, he worked as a sales manager and  consultant for factories and companies in developing automation systems, adapting products to customer needs and improving and optimizing production lines. Lior has gained a lot of experience in this field to ensure  the success of every projects he joins. 

Asaf Sadot

  • Lior Yaskil

Associate CEO

Assaf holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. Throughout his career, Assaf specialized in workflow management. He has  knowledge and experience in the field of production, operation and logistics of mechanical engineering projects. Assaf brings the skills needed to ensure the success of every project he joins.

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