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Our Partners: Brief Profiles

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Smart Wasp
Intelligent Technology

Based in Suzhou, China, Smart Wasp excels in developing, researching, and producing cutting-edge automatic pallet wrapping machines that efficiently wrap loaded pallets with nylon. Our professional team and expansive 50-dunam facility drive innovation. Our intelligent packaging automation solutions are widely acclaimed in over 60 countries, including the United States, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and South Korea. We proudly maintain lasting partnerships with renowned companies such as ZF, Kraft, LG, and Panasonic.

Industrial Doors

Located in the picturesque town of Biella, Italy, OCM stands as a global leader in the manufacturing and export of top-tier industrial doors. Our diverse range of high-quality products spans high-speed rolling doors, sliding doors, folding doors, sanitary and soundproof doors, plastic curtains, and a myriad of other customizable solutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we bring Italian craftsmanship and innovation to door solutions that transcend borders and set new standards worldwide.

Packing Innovators

Located in Neundorf, Germany, AFFELDT stands as a dynamic provider offering an extensive array of innovative and high-quality weighing, counting, and packaging systems, along with comprehensive packaging lines. Distinguished by their commitment to tailored solutions, all machines produced by AFFELDT undergo individualized design and installation processes, executed by a team of qualified and experienced service professionals. The company further ensures client satisfaction through an adept and efficient customer service team, incorporating remote connectivity for enhanced support.

Integrated packing machinery

Located in the vibrant city of Castellón de la Plana - Castellón, Spain, IPLA emerges as a hub of innovation and diversity. With a rich array of products, IPLA's specialization lies in the seamless automatic sorting and merging of boxes of varied types and sizes, excelling in the realm of palletizing


Additionally, IPLA lead the way in crafting state-of-the-art robots and automated packaging machines, catering specifically to the dynamic demands of the beverage, food, and dairy industries. IPLA, redefine the landscape of packaging solutions with a commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology.

Packing Solutions

Located in Rhine, Germany, UPMANN boasts an impressive legacy of over 222 years in the mechanical field, with a distinct specialization in weighing and packaging technology. Renowned for its commitment to excellence, the company extends its expertise to offer comprehensive solutions in air filtration technology, along with adept product counting, handling, and sorting solutions tailored to the unique requirements of the agricultural, industrial, and food sectors.

Customized Strapping & Wrapping 

Located in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, PLASTICBAND specializes in the production of a diverse range of automatic wrapping and strapping machines. Their cutting-edge machines ensure optimal packaging, guaranteeing that your product reaches its destination in pristine condition. Whether wrapping products with bubble wrap and a layer of cling film for protection against external damage, dust, and moisture, or utilizing cargo tying machines with polypropylene or polyester tape for maximum durability and safety, PLASTICBAND provide comprehensive solutions for your packaging needs.

industrial doors and fire shutters

Located in the heart of Bolton, England, SSS DOORS specializes in a diverse range of doors and roller shutters designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Crafted from durable steel, their doors are known for their exceptional quality. The company also manufactures LPS 1175 certified steel security doors, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized access for various facilities and premises, including private residences and commercial properties.

post harvesting machinery

Located in Olomouc, Czech Republic, HTECH boasts an office dedicated to providing innovative solutions. They offer cutting-edge machines designed for packaging and arranging a variety of products, from fresh vegetables to frozen fish and seafood. HTECH takes pride in its specialization in crafting bespoke machines tailored to meet specific requirements. The company extends its expertise beyond machines, producing additional equipment like walkways for seamless access to production areas, storage silos, and conveyors. With a dedicated team of engineers, HTECH excels in customizing standard products to suit individual needs.

Integrated packaging machinery

Located in Ozzano dell'Emilia, Italy, GAMACO stands as a leading producer of cutting-edge automatic processing and packaging machines tailored for the food market. Renowned for its commitment to technological excellence, the company consistently engages in advanced research to uphold superior standards of quality and reliability. The processing and packaging lines crafted by GAMACO are characterized by top-notch materials, reflecting a design philosophy aimed at minimizing fixed production costs while ensuring optimal efficiency.

Entrance Systems

The company is affiliated with the renowned Swiss corporation, Asa Abloy, and specializes in the production of automatic doors tailored for commercial and industrial environments. These doors are ideally suited for various applications including: logistics centers, factories, and warehouses. Cold storage facilities including freezers and refrigerated rooms. Cleanroom environments. High-traffic areas.
Moreover, the company offers an array of premium products, comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse needs of industrial door applications.



Service Name

 Automation in factories and industries

Import and installation services. Experience the power of automation as we provide you with top-of-the-line machines 


fireproof doors, industrial doors

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Service Name

Automation in the agricultural industries

Import and installation services
for sorting, weighing, packing, 
wrapping and tying machines.

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